CyberPower EC650LCD Ecologic Review

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Updated on: December 4, 2019

For those who need a compact UPS offering standby topology too, the CyberPower Ecologic EC650LCD is a good choice.

The product uses stimulated sine wave power output to provide battery backup and surge protection for workstations, desktop computers, home entertainment units, and networking devices.

In case of a power interruption, the EC650LCD will provide more reliable power battery backup and power protection.

Each time the unit detects that your computer is off or in the sleep mode, the unit will automatically turn off any surge protected computer peripheral that you have connected to the unit’s ECO Mode.

That will reduce power consumption and lower the energy costs in the long term. To benefit from the ECO Mode, you will need a USB connection. The product comes with 3-years warrant and $100,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee.

Quick Overview of CyberPower EC650LCD Ecologic

CyberPower EC650LCD EcologicThe CyberPower Ecologic UPS Series EC6450 LCD UPS safeguards personal computers and other electronics like cable DSL/modems, monitors, home theatre devices and VoIP routers from brownouts, blackouts, sags spikes and any other power abnormality.

The patented GreenPower UPS circuitry minimizes UPS energy expenses and it is ENERGY STAR listed. Its multifunction diagnostic LCD provides the user with the ability to check the unit’s operating status and troubleshoot abnormalities as they arise.

The CyberPower EC650LCD boasts ECO technology in addition to the three outlets that are ECO protected. After turning on the ECO mode, all computer peripherals that you have connected to the ECO outlets will go off automatically each time you switch off your computer or when you switch it to the Sleep Mode. That reduces power consumption and enhances energy saving.

The battery capacity of the EC650LCD stands at 650VA/390 watts. The unit has 8 NEMA 5-15R receptacles, which include 3ECO mode outlets, and 2 widely spaced outlets that can accommodate your transformer-based plugs.

The compact design facilitates vertical and horizontal placement and you can mount it on a wall if you do not have adequate space in your home or office. The UPS comes with a 12 Volts maintenance-free lead acid sealed battery.

The producer also includes the RJ11 protection for network and phones. The RFI/EMI filters will increase the load immunity to surges and disturbances.

The HID-compliant USB port allows you to connect the EC650LCD to your personal computer. The manufacturer includes PowerPanel Personal Edition UPS Management Software to monitor the important parts of the EC650LCD.

The management software will shut off the UPS if a power outage occurs. The three years warranty ensures that the product has passed the high-quality standards in assembly, design, workmanship or material. The manufacturer also offers an additional $100,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee.

About the Manufacturer – CyberPower

cyberpower-logoCyberPower has been designing and manufacturing interruptible power supply systems, remote management hardware, surge protectors, mobile chargers, and power management software and connectivity products.

Most of their customers are in corporate institutions, enterprises, governmental entities, education institutions, and small offices and homes.

They design their equipment to meet the demanding requirements and to exceed international environmental and safety standards.

You can get their products through the authorized distributors and through value-added resellers, managed service providers, system integrators, online retailers and select retailers. The company has offices in the United States, Asia Pacific regions and EMEA.

Main Features of CyberPower EC650LCD Ecologic


CyberPower EC650LCD Ecologic Package

The battery

The UPS comes with a sealed Lead-acid battery that has a typical 8 hours recharge time. When powering a 160-watt power load, the UPS battery will last for 10.7 minutes and 2.8 minutes when powering a 325W power load.

The power outlets are surge protected and capable of absorbing around 526 Joules keeping the connected electrical devices safe from any harmful electrical current spikes. The UPS also comes with PowerPanel Personal Edition software.

If used with a Windows-based PC, you can instruct the PowerPanel software to set the computer to hibernate mode, save all the open files and shut down the computer safely when the UPS battery is depleted.

The ECO Mode

As the user, you will be able to choose whether to use the ECO Mode or not. The purpose of the ECO Mode is to remove the power to any peripherals connected to the ECO designated outlets after the UPS detects the computer – connected through USB to the UPS – goes off or gets to the sleep mode.

That way, you will be able to reduce energy costs by eliminating unnecessary power consumption by idling devices.

Intelligent Multifunction Diagnostic Display

The built-in front panel display allows you to view several UPS vitals such as the input voltage level, battery capacity, output voltage level, runtime estimate, normal mode, load capacity, overload, battery mode, and the silent mode.

It provides immediate and detailed information about the UPS battery and the power condition, which means that you will identify any potential problem before it affects your critical equipment or causes downtime.

Energy-Saving Technology

The ENERGY STAR rating means that the UPS uses CyberPower’s patented GreenPower UPS High-Efficiency innovation to minimize consumption of power. It improves the power efficiency around 98 percent and it, therefore, reduces emissions and saves the costs.

EMI/RFI Filters

The EMI/RFI Filters will shield your devices against radio frequency signals and electromagnetic interference to prevent line noise over audio systems and telephone lines.

Transformer-Spaced Outlets

The widely-spaced outlets will accommodate your large transformer-based plugs and will not compromise the utility of any other outlet.

Simulated Sine Wave Output
The UPS uses pulse wave modulation that generates stepped, approximated sine waves to provide cost-effective battery power backup for any equipment that does not need sine wave output.

Standby Topology

The Standby Topology ensures that any incoming power surges above or drops below the safe voltage level. The UPS starts by switching to direct current (DC) battery power before converting back to AC power for the connected equipment to run.

PowerPanel Personal Edition

In case of a power outage, the PowerPanel Personal Edition will save the open files and then switch the computer to hibernate mode as a way of increasing the run-time. Installation of the PowerPanel on Windows pc is easier and after that, it will use minimal system resources to operate.

The diagnostic screen will display the UPS status such as the configurable system notifications, the silent operation mode, adjustable low/high voltage warnings, automatic self-tests, scheduled shutdowns and data/event logging.

Audible Alarms

The distinctive tons will inform you when the unit starts running on the battery power when the unit is overloaded and the battery level gets very low.

Resettable Circuit Breaker

The resettable circuit breaker will protect your unit each time there is an overload. After it goes off, you will be able to reset it to the original state.

The LED Indicators

The LED lights indicate ECO on/off and Power-on status.

Convenient Mounting

The compact size of CyberPower e650LCD Ecologic allows you to mount it either vertically or horizontally.

USB Connectivity

The integrated USB port is HID compliant and enables the user to integrate the built-in power management system of the UPS and the auto shutdown features of Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Pros & Cons of CyberPower EC650LCD Ecologic

CyberPower EC650LCD EcologicBelow are some of the pros and cons of the CyberPower EC650LCD Ecologic UPS:


  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • It offers 8 power outlets
  • The LCD panel will provide you with details about the power and battery and power conditions
  • It automatically turns the computer peripherals off when the computer is in hibernation mode or off


  • The 11 minutes runtime is considerably short
  • It is larger and bulky than most competitors

Why You Need the UPS

If the power goes off, including for less than one second, you are likely to lose your data and to suffer hardware damages that can shorten the life expectancy of your equipment. The backup provides adequate emergency runtime power that will allow you to close any open files safely and shut down the electronics in case of a power outage.

Moreover, the unit will safeguard your electronic devices from the common power surges, particularly those associated with activities on the local power grid, storms and high-powered equipment going on/off. The surge ECO protected outlets will turn off any connected device – those that are not in use – to reduce the energy costs.

The Main Uses of the UPS

The CyberPower EC650LCD Ecologic provides advanced surge protection and back-up power for small offices and home computers, modems, wired and wireless network routers, game consoles, home theatre systems, and personal electronics.

It will safeguard your photos, documents, music files and videos from damage or loss associated with power surges and fluctuations in addition to uncontrolled equipment shutdown that arise due to power interruptions.

PowerPanel Personal Edition Management Software

You can download the PowerPanel Personal Edition software from the official website and run it with any UPS system. To do that, you will just need a serial port or a USB cable.

The software offers a user-friendly dashboard interface, which allows you to control and monitor the CyberPower UPS systems. The advanced functionality includes self-testing, runtime management, event logging, and more features.

CyberPower EC650LCD FAQs

Q: What is the battery lifespan of the CyberPower EC650LCD?

A: The battery will generally last for 3-5 years but the manufacturer offers 3 years warranty. In other words, you will be able to use it for 3 years before you replace it.

Q: How long can the CyberPower EC650LCD power my system?

A: For the protection of network and accessories, the EC650LCD Ecologic UPS is a better choice.

Its power reserves will keep you’re your home network alive for around 15 minutes, which is enough to exit applications or games and save any work and shut down everything off safely during a power outage. The device will occupy a little space on your desk.


If you need a UPS for home or office usage, the CyberPower EC650 LCD Ecologic is among the best options. It will provide power surge protection and battery backup for gaming systems, computers, peripherals, and workstations.

The UPS boasts 1500VA/900 watt capacity, 15 minutes of runtime, automatic voltage regulation and sine wave output.

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