CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Review

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Updated on: December 4, 2019

The primary purpose of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units is to provide power instantaneously in case of an interruption or short-term failure from the input source. To accomplish that, UPSs rely on energy stored in batteries.

Even though the concept has not evolved for many years, some manufacturers are now offering more features with their product offerings. One of the innovative UPSs in the market is the CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS that comes with a battery backup and surge protector.

It is a mini-tower UPS that can protect any workstation, desktop computer, a network device in addition to home electronics and entertainment systems.

CyberPower Systems, the producer, is a power management solutions manufacturer based in the United States. The manufacturer focuses more on UPS production and within the time they have been in existence, they have produced UPS devices with both pure sinewave and simulated output.

Their product portfolio also includes power distribution units, surge protectors, FTTx power backup devices and connectivity devices.

The CP1500AVRLCD is part of their interactive UPS series and comes with simulated sine wave outputs. It is a dependable backup solution for people using mid-range and high-end computers.

It offers 900W/150VA and a front LCD screen for diagnostic purposes. After unboxing it, you will find it intact. In other words, you not do any battery connections.

Overview of CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD UPS

The CP1500AVRLCD boasts a mini-tower case that resembles a desktop computer with rounded edges with black matte finish, except on its front side. On its front side, it features thick matte bezels consisting of rectangular glossy plastic slab on the inside.

On the top side, the UPS features many vent holes that help maintain low internal temperatures and facilitate airflow after the fan activates. The fan activates when the device starts running on battery mode, so you should never obstruct the set of holes.

According to the manufacturer, the fan is ultra-quiet but that might not be true. Even though it will not wake you up from your sleep in case of a blackout, you will hear it functioning.

Due to the design, the CP1500AVRLCD fits on any office desk nicely and you can place it near your Arris modem, which has the same appearance. Remember that the UPS is not small, it measures 3.9 inches by 11.0 inches by 14.0 inches.

The dimensions make it larger than the CP1350AVRLCD and it heavier with its weight standing at 25.0 pounds. If you happen to turn it upside down, you will definitely see its four round feet and a label featuring printed information about the device.

On its front side, you will also find a power button and an LCD display that the manufacturer incorporates to help you monitor the functioning.

The LCD screen displays messages or icons and you can use the LCD Display button to choose the content you would want the product to show, including the Estimated Runtime, Power Frequency, AutomaticVoltage Regulator and Output/input voltage. Press and hold the mute button for over 3 seconds while the UPS is running on battery mode, to silence its power loss buzzer.

On the back side of this device, you will find other features. The UPS features two Coax/DSS/Cable and Surge Protection (ideal for cable modems protection, CATV converters and DSS receivers), 2 Communication Protection Ports (ideal for protecting faxes, modems, Ethernet connections and broadband networks), a USB and Serial port to connect to your PC.

The Serial and USB/D9 port allows you to connect the UPS with your computer. The USB port facilitates communication with the PowerPanel Personal Edition.

The DB-9 port is compatible with your Microsoft UPS. The Electrical Wiring Fault Indicator illuminates when there are wiring problems in the system. You will have four power outlets that allow plugging in of AC power adapter blocks, Surge-protected outlets and 4 full-time surge protected outlets.

Moreover, you will find a red button at the middle, which prevents overload and works as the fault protector.


Key Features of CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD

The CP1500AVRLCD is among the interactive lines in the market when in the normal mode or when = the battery is not in use, it relies on EMI/RFI noise filteringcoils to shield your electronic devices against electromagnetic and frequency interferences and it functions as surge suppressor too.

Even more, the CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD boasts an Automatic Voltage Regulation feature, which controls the low and high voltages automatically so that the AC signal can remain stabilized. It provides a nominal 120 volts without drawing power from the battery. The sine wave consistency ensures that your sensitive devices are functioning optimally.

The PowerPanel PE Smart Management Software, which you can download for your Windows PC, offers a user-friendly interface and you can use it to control and monitor the functioning of your UPS.

To know the status of your Power Source, you just need to check the small utility. It also displays the Estimated Runtime in addition to the Battery Capacity. It also features three tabs, which are Monitor, Help and Configure.

Under configuration, you will be able to schedule your computer to shut down, control the voltage fluctuation tolerance, set the length of time your computer and peripherals can run on battery and test to ensure that the UPS device is operating well.

Among the concerns that most buyers will have is whether the device can handle their computer systems well. Some assume that PSU has their answers. That is true because, with a 750W PSU, you will hardly reach that consumption, including on full load.

However, to be sure that the CP1500AVRLCD UPS is the best choice for you, you can use an electricity usage monitor to test the system.

When your computer system is pulling around 300W, the CP1500AVRLCD UPS will provide 20 minutes of power so that you can have adequate time to shut down the computer without losing the unsaved data.

When the UPS is powering many devices amounting to 700W, it will provide around 5 minutes of power before it shuts down. If you need the maximum of 900W to power your system, the UPS will provide around 1-2 minutes before it shuts down.

Never connect a laser printer because it consumes more power – over 1000W –and will lead to an overload. That can cause excessive beeping sound and unexpected shutdown.

The Software of CP1500AVRLCD

The PowerPanel Personal Edition is free to download and compatible with the CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD UPS. The Power Management software is available for both Linux and Windows in .rpm, .deb and tarball format.

It allows you to bridge your desktop with the CP1500AVRLCD through the offered serial port or the USB port. During startup, the program runs a daemon process and communicates with the CP1500AVRLCD to help aid any unattended graceful shutdown or execute shell script on any event related to power.

Moreover, the software can self-test the UPS, send notifications and log events.

CP1500AVRLCD Minimises Power Consumption

Two of the features that place the CP1500AVRLCD above most battery backup devices in the market today are the Automatic Voltage Regulation and the GreenPower UPS Bypass. The GreenPower UPS Bypass is an effective energy-saving technology proprietary that CyberPower uses.

In the traditional UPS designs, the incoming power passes through a transformer that regulates the voltage, including when the voltage from a power outlet is fine.

The GreenPower UPS Bypass is an energy saving technology that bypasses its transformer if the power from the socket is right. That reduces energy consumption and will save you over $70 annually.

The AutomaticVoltage Regulation (AVR) is another technology from CyberPower that stabilizes inconsistent power from the outlet. Your personal computer requires 110V/120V to function properly.

In standard UPSs, the battery supplies power if the voltage falls below the needed level. However, in the CP1500AVRLCD, the AVR offers consistent power to the computer system when the voltage from the outlet falls below 90Vor increases to over140V.

That minimizes the battery usage and extends the life of both batteries. It will function as a traditional UPS when the incoming voltage is outside the range.

Pros and Cons of CP1500AVRLCD

There are many things to love about the CP1500AVRLCD UPS and few to dislike.


  • The UPS features a slim rounded design that is an attractive alternative to the common box-shaped UPS devices in the market
  • After purchasing it, you do not need to connect any battery. You can start using the device immediately after purchase
  • Unlike most other devices in the market, it reduces the power consumption significantly due to its GreenPower UPS feature
  • The AVR technology ensures that the battery life is over 6 years
  • Its weight stands at 25 pounds. It is, therefore, lighter than most UPS devices from the competitors
  • The battery replacement process is easy


  • The CP1500AVRLCD provides 4 battery backup outlets


Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or just need to browse the internet without any interruptions, you might need to purchase the CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD.

The product is capable of providing adequate backup power and protecting your devices, something that makes it important in computing scenarios.

If you already own one, you might be enjoying the benefits. It comes with two identical batteries, which you can replace easily after they stop working.

You can use the HR1234W battery to replace them. After unboxing it, you will find it intact. There areno battery connections needed.

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