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Updated on: December 1, 2020

A lot of us like to spice up our day with a good run or an excessive workout routine in the gym. But long jogging sessions or even short ones can become insanely boring for some of us.

Some people use this time to take their mind off things or let their thoughts and legs run free as they listen to some good music.

If you’re standing among the latter and find running to be incredibly boring or not as colorful without having some music to listen to, than this article is for you.

It’s best to push your limits when the bass from your favorite motivational song hits your ear drums. But to have a truly satisfying experience, you need to have the right hardware. You need a headphone that is not only fit for sports and intense activity, but one that has crystal-clear sound and powerful bass.

Not only that, it has to be really practical. Not every headphone is made for you and you definitely won’t like a lot of them. I personally hate some. So you should always be careful about choosing the right one and try it out if you can.

Our headphones are intimate objects, so we should always choose one that fits our ears perfectly and comply with the lifestyle we live, in this case the active lifestyle we live.

Few things are more annoying when you’re running along with the flow, maybe breaking a record when your ear buds suddenly falls out of your ears, ruining the experience.

Today, every company and their mother, manufactures headphones because almost everyone that has a smartphone or an MP3 player needs one. But there are a lot of low quality ones that are sold at the same price as high quality ones. So you have to have a good nose and a pair of good ears to find the right ones for you.

This is exactly why we’re here for you. To offer our technical knowledge, our nose and our ears and help you get the best sports and fitness headphones. So without further ado, let’s do just that!


Best Sports and Fitness Headphones

Now that you have been trained in the majestic art of choosing headphones, it’s time that you scroll down and choose the one that will work the best for you.

We’ve reviewed the best sports and fitness headphones of 2017 and used a lot of user submitted info to rank them and decide how the larger public likes it. So without further ado, let’s see our top list!

– Bose SoundSport

Bose has a reputation with building fantastic products and a lot of us have been waiting for them to finally release a pair of wireless headphones.

I’ve had high expectations for this product and it didn’t fail to provide me with the high quality headphone I was looking for, but it had a lot that I didn’t like. I’ll go through how well this headphone performs and what kind of features it has.

As expected of this headphone, the sound quality is purely amazing. They sound really good. Listening to them for a few hours straight didn’t make my hearing or my outer ears fatigue.

Being a fitness headphone, they are sweat and weather resistant and will stay in your ear for extended periods of time even if you stand on your head. The build construction is very sturdy, made of strong plastic and you can also use silicon bands to make it stick to your ear.

You’ll also get some incredibly soft ear tips that almost melt into your ear, making it more comfortable. It isn’t completely sound isolated so you’ll still hear ambient sounds as you use it.

I wouldn’t take it on long bike rides though, since they make the wind sound even louder than it really is. They’re best to use indoors, for regular gym workouts.

It is a wired headphone, so it ensures that you get maximum sound quality with zero interference as you stream music from your smartphone.

You can use it with both Android and iOS devices and the package include controllers for both operating systems.


– Bluephonic Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Here’s a solid option for those people who live a very active lifestyle and require to have some quality sounds to listen to on the go, but still don’t want to spend too much money on headphones.

If we face the fact that we’re running around and jumping around with our headphones on, then it’s pretty clear that investing hundreds of dollars into a headphone is risky.

This headphone is pretty cool. It is completely sweat and moisture proof. They also have a pair of awesome, flexible hooks that make them hang on your ear and make them very stable throughout an intense workout.

The ear buds offer a very good seal, so they isolate most of the noise that you would hear around you, letting you shut out the world and enjoy the music. To make sure this happens, there’s excellent noise cancellation that further reduces background noise.

It is also very light so you can carry it around easily in your pocket, or the mean carrying case that comes in the box. Basically, it is suitable for an active lifestyle, making it great for dancing, climbing, running, jogging and any kind of intense activity.

Music sounds really good, at least the kind of EDM and rock I listen to during workouts, but some more bass would be better. Although it has pretty good acoustics and the device does it’s best to deliver some deep bass, for such small buds.

You can also make phone calls with it, thanks to the microphone, that will let you make some of your best sounding phone calls in your life.

Pairing the device with any kind of phone is easy and straightforward. You just have to turn on Bluetooth on your phone and hold the power button on the headphone for pairing mode. Once they connect, you’re good to go. You can adjust the volume above the left ear bud and you’re good to go!

So, taking everything into account, they’re sure stay put no matter how hard a work out you’re doing.

Noise isolation and loud, quality sounds offer a great listening experience and can isolate the entire world around you. If we put the price into the mix as well, this is one of the best wireless headphones for sports in my opinion.


– Mailiya Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Better and better wireless headphones are coming out and some of them offer an excellent style, along with their high quality sound and powerful bass.

Our next subject is the Mailiya Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphone and I really loved it for its outward design when I first looked at it.

It looks like a proper piece of fitness equipment and thanks to the Bluetooth connection and the flexible hooks on top of it, nothing can get it to drop out of your ear during an intense workout.

The two headphones are tied together with a cable, so they aren’t “fully wireless” but it didn’t bother me at all. But does this Mailiya product offer decent sound too? Let’s see!

First off, it has CVC 6.0 noise cancellation embedded into it, which greatly reduces any background noise and ambient sounds, helping you to dive deep into your own world as you do your workout and listen to good music on the go.

Thanks to the powerful Bluetooth 4.1 connection, music is streamed without a single skip or any interference. You can charge them up through the micro USB port. It has 7 hours of battery life, so you can go through just about 8 or 9 hours of activity with putting the music on pause a few times.

As I said, the outward design of this headphone is made to be comfortable and to fit an active lifestyle. Thanks to the neck band design, you won’t tangle into any troublesome wires during your workout.

They are resistant to sweat and rain but I wouldn’t recommend dropping them under water while they’re in use, because it will definitely ruin them.

Now the sound, the sound is very good. I was very satisfied with the sound test. It was loud enough and packed a pretty powerful bass. I’m no musician and I don’t have any special preferences. The sound was good and I heard my music crystal clearly.

If you like long runs and workouts, this headphone will work well, because they put absolutely no unnecessary pressure on your ears. There’s no air fatigue, so they are pretty good on the long haul.

It is an excellent Bluetooth headphone for those who like a solid design, great quality sound and want to listen to music on the go without interruption.


– Jarv Joggerz PRO Sports Bluetooth Headphones

Finally, a pair of good looking Bluetooth headphones with ear pads that were designed with sports enthusiasts in mind.

As you would expect, they offer sound quality superior to sports headphones with ear buds. They are also heavier, but they’re still very portable, since they can be folded in, making them really compact.

The headphone’s controls are on the right side. You can find the volume button and the power button which is also used to pair the headphone with your smartphone or another Bluetooth device.

You also have the micro USB port for charging on the right side. The ear cups feel really comfortable and can endure the sweat pretty well. The exterior is rubber which also makes it more water resistant, but once again, you shouldn’t drop it into deep water.

It lasts for about 7-10 hours on a single charge, which makes it excellent for the long haul.

Now, expect that they’re heavier than small ear buds, but they still hang on your ear pretty well. For some people, it can be uncomfortable after extended use, but it depends on your head’s size and shape.

If it hurts to wear it for extended periods of time, you can send it back to where you purchased it and demand a refund.

I really liked the sound of it, since it was way better than what I got out of headphones with ear buds. It was loud, clear and rich with awesome bass, so this headphone was a sure winner for me in that aspect.

My final verdict is that this headphone is great for gym workouts and other exercises that don’t require you to run too much or jump around, since it wouldn’t be too comfortable if this headphone shook on your ears. The sound though is really powerful and will blast your ears with beautifully clear music.

If this sounds like something you would want to have on your head, than feel free to check out the pricing.


– LeadTry E12 Bluetooth Headphones

Now here’s a good quality universal Bluetooth headphone. It is great for anyone who likes to go for a run, do fitness and wear a nice suit or classy clothes. This headphone provides functionality, great sound quality and a really sleek look.

This, in my opinion, makes it an amazing product if you don’t want any fancy looks. It is great for casual use, running, cycling or the gym.

You can take it along to work or use it for work as well, since the microphone allows you to make crystal clear phone calls. You’ll also get vibration alerts if you have an incoming phone call, which is pretty convenient.

The exterior design of this headphone is as simple as it gets, but it’s incredibly functional, since I haven’t seen a headphone with an adjustable cord. As strange it might sound, few companies have thought of adding this feature.

The volume buttons, the power button and control buttons are located on the microphone. You can use the power button to sync it with your Bluetooth device and you’re good to go.  It will offer uninterrupted performance for long hours.

A good thing about these headphones is that they can withstand long hours of training, without the ear buds ever falling out of your ear, no matter how much and how excessively you sweat.

Their sound quality is awesome, the bass is pretty decent, but it isn’t too powerful.

Overall, I think it is a great product for casual users and fitness enthusiast alike. It complies with most lifestyles and provides the high quality music experience we all wish to have!


– Beats Bluetooth Headphones Premium Wireless Earphones

Beats sure managed to give an outstanding design for such a small device. Their headphone looks like it was taken out of a science fiction movie and it looks ready for some intense activity. But is this product as premium as its name says? Let’s find out.

At the first look, I was really impressed by the coolness of this device. It has a really awesome design and it looks even cooler when wearing it. From a functionality perspective it complies with what most wireless headphones can offer.

It provides high quality sound with good bass and CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, so you’ll get clear sounds even in a crowded environment, where there’s a lot of noise. There’s also a microphone that lets you make crystal clear phone calls, so you’re all set to listen to some great sounds and take this device with you wherever you go.

What makes this function even more awesome is that you can pick up or reject incoming phone calls by saying “yes” or “no” into your microphone, once you get the notification.

Connecting it is done in eight seconds by turning on your Bluetooth and pressing down on the power button. With Bluetooth 4.0+EDR and CSR8635 chipset, scrambling or interrupting the powerful signal is close to impossible, so streaming music is always seamless.

Thanks to the flexible hooks on top, you can take this headphone along with you on all your adventures; let it be running, gym workouts, hiking, climbing or even a gymnastics workout. It will definitely stay on your ear and wouldn’t cause it to fatigue after long periods of use.

Overall, I love this device when taking every aspect taken into consideration.

It simply accomplishes everything it has set out to do, offering great sound quality, portability, the ability to make phone calls, use voice commands and it also lets you shut the world out with noise cancellation, just the way I like it.

The only downside of its exterior design is that some people, who would prefer a more elegant look won’t like it. Other than that its great quality at a great price!


– Merdumia Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones just come and go on the market and the Merdumia headphones have the oddly familiar design that has worked for most of the headphones before it. Does it offer the quality of use and sound we prefer? Let’s see!

From a functionality perspective, it’s good. The flexible hooks and the buds make it stick to your ear perfectly, so it will serve well for any kind of excessive training, even gymnastics. It has 0.7 ounce of weight, which is ideal for a workout.

The two buds are connected with a cord and they also have a built in microphone, enabling you to make phone calls as well.

With CVC 6.0 noise cancellation and adopting DSR, you won’t hear much of the ambient sounds around you and will be able to focus on the music and your workout completely. Unless you’re standing beside a jet engine, you’ll probably hear that.

You can take it along to even the most intense, sweaty workouts without having to worry about it dropping out of your ear or soaking too much. It is water resistant but not water proof, so don’t go swimming with it.

The sound quality has met my expectations as well. It pumped out some powerful bass, so I had to turn the volume down a bit, since it almost hurt my ear. You can hear the music clearly even in mid-range and the sound is crisp clear, so it’s really an awesome experience to listen to.

The Bluetooth v4.1 +EDR (advanced version) provides a stable connection, even at more than 30 feet. Syncing is easy, since you just have to push down on the power key. Volume can be adjusted on the top of the left headphone.


– Rio 3 by Erato Audio

Now, I was really into wireless headphones, but I couldn’t wait to finally get my hands on a true wireless headphone. Thus, we are reviewing the Rio 3 by Erato Audio True Wireless Headphone. It has no cords; nothing but the headphones which go on your ear.

They both have a pair of sturdy, yet flexible hooks that ensure that they stay in your ear even if you’re standing on top of your head. It is also waterproof with an IPX5 nano technology coating, so it’s very well protected against liquids.

They look incredibly cool with their sleek design and not only that, but they offer all the new and useful features that you would expect from a modern device. It has three, near invisible control buttons that blend into the design perfectly.

You can use them to skip forwards and backwards in your tracks, increase and decrease the volume, sync Bluetooth and pick up phone calls and have clear conversations.

But not only that, it can even do awesome things like activating Siri or Google Assistant with a press of a button. It lets you do a lot of things hands free, with voice commands. Now that’s how you move towards the future!

Although, I’ve found the use of the buttons a bit confusing, since there are only three and you have to learn how many times you have to press or how long do you have to hold a certain button for it to fulfill a function.

For example, you have to press twice on the back button to decrease the volume. Some of you might not fancy this, but it is still a decent solution.

Once you get used to the device, you can take phone calls hands free, play or pause your music and most of the basic functions you did with your MP3 player a few years back.

The all new and amazing Bluetooth 4.2 ensures maximum stability and it has full support for audio standards such as SBC, AAC and AptX. You can enjoy all the music you want for 10 hours straight and recharge both pieces with the micro USB cable that comes inside the package.

Having so much great technology embedded into it, it comes at a hefty price, but it is still less costly than some wired headphones.

The sound quality is one of the best I’ve heard and it really gave me the green light to recommend it.

This headphone is awesome in every aspect and provides the coolest way for us to pave the way towards the future.  If you like it, check out this gadget’s price through the link we provided!


– AUSDOM Bluetooth Earphone Headphones

The ASUDOM Bluetooth headphone is nothing special in terms of exterior design, but I really liked it for the colored, simple design. It has three round separated control buttons on the microphone, which I really liked.

It makes the headphone really functional, letting me to know what I’m doing as I drag my fingers across them. The two headphones are connected with a cord that has a clip which can be used to stick the cord to your shirt.

Although I would prefer a fitness headphone to have a hook, this one doesn’t but it still manages to stay in your ear during a run. You also get three different sized ear muffs, so ASUDOM really made sure that this device sticks with you. It has a nice ergonomic design to fit your ear well.

It can also be used to make hands free phone calls, since it has a microphone on the cord. You can also skip tracks with the control buttons and adjust the volume of the music you’re playing.

The sound is pretty good. Not the best out there, but it definitely does the job. Voices, instruments have a really clear sound and the bass is heavy enough to enjoy, so I’m giving it a thumbs up.

One of this device’s outstanding aspects is the long battery life. You can listen to music 8 hours straight before you have to recharge the lithium battery. If you only go for one and a half hour workouts, it can even last you a week before you would have to recharge it.

The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it can feel kind of heavy after wearing it for a couple of hours, but it isn’t really a turnoff.

Another unique feature of this product is the fact that AUSDOM provides a 12 month worry-free warranty. So if you have any issues with your device, you can always send it back and get a new one.

So if you want a well-designed Bluetooth headphone for fitness, feel free to check out the AUSDOM Bluetooth Earphone Headphones’ updated pricing through the link we provided.


– AMINY Wireless Ear buds

Another true wireless Bluetooth headset with all the high-quality features you could expect from a stereo headphone. It is also the first True Wireless headphone that features replaceable battery packs.

But I was most impressed with the conclusion, that it is the most secure and sturdiest True Wireless headphone that I’ve ever seen. Thanks to the large hooks and its unique ergonomic design, they stick perfectly to your ears.

AMINY took a different approach to wireless headphone designs and it really works! Once I’ve heard the sound too, I got completely impressed.

The sound has the mids, the highs and the good bass that I’ve come to expect. The genres I’ve listened to so far sounded incredibly good, but I haven’t listened to every kind of music of course.

You can listen to music or talk on the phone for 8 hours straight or you can have it idly turned on for 200 hours. It takes only 1.5 hours to recharge the battery completely, so once again it’s very impressive.

With Bluetooth V4.2, syncing it with your device is easy and requires a push of a button, so it’s pretty straightforward. You can operate it from the standard 33 feet distance, so you don’t have to carry your phone everywhere with you when you’re indoors.

On one headphone, you have the pickup, the skip forward and volume up button and on the other side you have the reject, skip back and the volume down button.

AMINY promises a 3 year long money back guarantee and a lifetime worry-free guarantee to anyone who purchases this product, making the deal a whole lot sweeter. So once you got it, you’re set for the couple of years ahead of you.

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about this headphone. It’s impressive by all means, comes at a great price and the warranty tops it off perfectly. If you want to check it out with the updated pricing, you can do it through the link we provided!


How to Pick the Best Headphones for Sport or Fitness?

Even if you just want a good pair of sports headphones, you might still have a lot of preferences you don’t know about. Are you one of those people who think ear plugs are unhealthy? Or are you one of those people who like to have massive, full-size headsets that bang hard on their ears as they go about their business? Or would you just like to keep things plain and practical?

Either way, there are some factors that you should look through and choose from if you want to buy a headphone that you can enjoy on the long term. It’s worth the time you invest into reading this and the money you’ll be spending on a more quality headphone. Like I said, it’s an intimate, personal object, worth investing into. Now, read our guide and get your hands on the most godlike headphones!

Form and Practicality Factors

If you want to be able to move around a lot, you’ll want something light that can stick to its place throughout an extended period of time. But if you’re a true music junkie, you might have no problem with compromising practicality for better quality sound. The two main choices you’ll have to make are between ear bud headphones and ear pad headphones.

Sticking Buds Into Your Ears

My personal preference is pair of ear buds with hooks that make them conveniently hang around my ear, ensuring that they won’t fall out even if I choose to stand on my head. You can run a marathon with those without having them fall out of your ear even once, which brings me to my point. This is not for everyone, because it can be pretty uncomfortable to have a headphone like this sticking into your ear and hanging around it the same time. But you still have plenty of other options when it comes to buds.

If you decide to use a headphone with ear buds, the most important thing to keep in mind is their size. Be absolutely sure that they will fit your ears or can hang in your ears or that they come in multiple sizes.

One of the most relentless forms of torture is having your ear buds fall out when you’re running your laps. It’s insanely frustrating. Pay attention to their size or find other, more convenient options.

There are a lot of awesome earphones that have uniquely shaped buds and some cover with special covers that make them stick to your ears. Chose whichever works best for you and crush that workout as hard as you can!

The Good About Ear Buds

  • They are light and super portable. They fit into a pocket.
  • Have better isolation. You’ll hear your music pretty clearly even in crowded and noisy places like airports. Just stick them in and enjoy the sound.
  • They can be more comfortable, since they’re much lighter and better to carry around without feeling any extra weight.

The Bad About Ear Buds

  • Ear buds can’t match the sound quality of other over-the-ear headphones, since they don’t cover your entire ear.
  • It might be uncomfortable to stick things inside your ears.

Spread Those Ear Pads

Headphones with ear pads that don’t completely cover your ear are the middle road between headphones with ear buds and full size headphones. They offer a bit better quality of sound, thanks to their size. They also leak a bit of sound, which means that they don’t offer as good isolation as ear buds. But that isn’t necessarily a problem.

If you would rather run with the big boys and have some harder bass banging on your ears, than these kind of headphones can often be a great choice. Some of them are quite stylish too!

The Good In Ear Pads

  • These headphones are one of the most comfortable ones, since they sit on your ears and their weight is supported by your head. Since they don’t have as good isolation, your ear also gets more air, which is great during intense exercises.
  • Headphones with ear pads are usually made in a way that makes them very portable, so they’re a good option for any fitness junkie.

The Bad In Ear Pads

  • Being more open is a double edged sword for these headphones, since they won’t block any of the outside noise that much, but will let your ear breathe more, which is priceless during a workout. For the same reason, they won’t perform well in places filled with noise like an airport or a subway and I wouldn’t recommend using them in someplace quiet with high volume either, like a library. If you can deal with these than these kinds of headphones will be awesome!

Wired or Wireless

Having a direct cable connection to your device produces much better sound and avoids any lag or any interruption in the signal. But wireless earphones are much more practical and more comfortable to wear and exercise in.

I do a lot of biking and it’s insanely frustrating to have my headphone cord get caught in anything in front of me. They get caught on my knees, in my handle, in my arm or anything that comes my way. But that depends on how tidy you are and how well you can use them.

So if you want more space to move around without having to bother with a cable, go for the wireless ones. If you want maximum quality sound and know how to manage your cables well or have a good solution for it, by all means use a wired headphone.

Withstanding the Elements

In my opinion, the smaller a fitness headphone is and the less moving parts it has the better. Since you’re using it outdoors and during intense activity, they have to have a certain kind of sturdiness. They have to withstand long workouts and the less they can get caught in something, the better.

They’ll also be exposed to a lot of sweat. While headphones with ear pads have more padding, they’ll also get a lot of sweat and their fabric often deteriorates. This is why it is important to find a headphone with sweat and water resistant material. You can also go for ear buds and avoid this problem entirely.

Isolate the World

Quite often, exercise is a pretty lonely affair. You’re inside your own world, where you’re working to develop yourself and that works best when you are able to isolate all the outside noises. Unless you’re a master of self-motivation or able to shut the world off at will, noise isolating headphones might come in handy. These headphones are great at keeping ambient noise out and make the sound of music much clearer.

Sound Quality

The most important feature in a headphone is sound quality. Now, you can’t really test how a headphone sounds through a website, now can you? If you want to shop in a physical store, then that’s good for you.

But the rest of us who rely on an online store, we have to take a different route. You can only test your headphone when they arrive, and you can do it by using Eminent sound tests or just by listening to your favorite songs. That works too.

If what you hear doesn’t match the quality that you we’re promised or what you required, use the money back guarantee and send the headphone back to where you’ve brought it from.

Reading reviews is also a good way to predict how well it performs. Go for user submitted ones, since they’re usually more honest or read the ones from trusted sources. Like this one for example!

Walk the Walk and Talk The Talk

If you want to be able to make phone calls while you run, you can do it pretty easily. Just pick a headphone that can sync with your smartphone and has a built in microphone. With these, you can easily pick your phone up and receive all those important calls without having to skip a beat.


There you have it! With this guide, you can choose from and get one of the best sports and fitness headphones known to mankind! We have really worked hard on this article, so I appreciate it that you’ve read through it this far.

Overall, I don’t have much bad to say about any of the devices enlisted here, but some are definitely better than the others both in terms of quality and design.

You don’t have to buy an over-priced product just to enjoy high quality sound and some awesome functionality. You just have to keep your eyes peeled here and choose the headphone that supports your requirements and lifestyle well.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading through this article and that we’ll see you again in the upcoming ones too!

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