Best Small Portable Video Projectors

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Updated on: December 1, 2020

We all love watching, whether it is movies, football or the hot new TV Shows. That is why most people are going for large TV screens.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to carry your TV screen to a camping site, particularly when it is on a mountain.

In such situations, a small portable video projector will be a good choice. To help you select the best portable video projector, I have come up with a good list and the buying guide. Here are the top projectors we recommend:

1. Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector

If your flat screen TV can fit in your backpack, then possibly you would not need the Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector. Even though the product cannot help with IRS staff, it is a perfect choice when it comes to portability and quality images.

The product measures eight inches on its long side and the weight is below four pounds. It is light enough to carry during your travel or commute and compact enough to use in smaller spaces such as a cramped apartment or dorm room.

Speaking of the screen size, the projector can fit in almost any space – from smaller to a vavernous room. It makes a higher-definition projection that will measure as small as 32 inches.

The manufacturer includes built-in speakers and connects to external speakers for fuller sound quality. You can connect it to your DVD player, computer, Chromecast or game consoles because it supports VGA, USB, HDMI and AV inputs.

Moreover, it has a 2000:1 contrast ration, which is suitable for semi-dark rooms.


  • It can make between 32 and 170 inches screen sizes
  • It measures 8 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches, which means that it is highly portable
  • It is inexpensive


  • It does not support its temperatures. You will have to shut it off after 3-4 hours of use


2. Mini Projector Wowoto A5 Pro 100ASIN Projector

The WOWOTO A5 Pro 100ASIN Projector is small, compact and lightweight. It offers 1280 by 800 native resolutions that produce crisp and sharp images.

The 2000 lumens brightness is improved compared to the previous models that WOWOTO released. The manufacturer incorporates the operating system of Android and the support for both Bluetooth and Wi-FI.

The screen sizes include 100 inches from 9.2 feet, 200 inches from 15.5 feet and 50 inches from 5 feet. It supports multi-screen sharing too.

Speaking of sound, the internal speaker is loud and clear. You will have the chance of selecting various sound modes or hooking the unit to your external sound system.


  • The LED lamp has 20,000 hours lamp life
  • The product supports airplay multiscreen sharing
  • The 3500 lumens make it very bright


  • The customer service is wanting


3. AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector

The AAXA Technologies KP 101-01 AAXA LED Pico Projector is inexpensive and provides great resolution at 960 by 540. The micro projector is extremely portable and it will fit in your shirt pocket.

The mini-HDMI port enhances the portability. The port also makes it possible to stream videos from your smartphone or tablet if it supports MHL. The 0.7 inches by 2.4 inches by 4.3 inches devices weighs 5 ounces. It is exceptionally small and light.

The projector does not require the power block associated with some projectors. A power block can add to the size and weight of a projector.

You will require a USB charging cable that you will plug into your USB port or USB charger – whichever you have. It is the same cable or charger you use for your smartphone device. It is inexpensive but boosts perfect images and sound quality.


  • It reads files perfectly form microSD cards and USB memory keys
  • It is extremely portable
  • It supports MHL connections to smartphones, tablets and some other devices


  • It does not come with a VGA input
  • It has a very low volume level


4. DBPower Mini Projector with HDMI Cable

The DBPower Mini Projector comes with an HDMI cable and it is highly portable. The projector provides a range of display between 32 inches to 176 inches size between 1.5 and 5M.

In other words, after purchasing the DBPower Mini Projector, you will be able to watch the most recent movies or football matches on a very big screen. If you opted for a very large screen, you would end up spending a lot of money.

The TV screen would also occupy a very large space in your house. After unboxing the DBPower Mini Projector you will find all the necessary accessories such as 3.5mm AUX to RCA adapter, HDMI cable, remote and a small screw that you will need to angle the projector in place.

The projector is compact and its weight stands at roughly 2 pounds. It measures 7.25 inches by 6 inches by 3 inches. At the top, you will find the keystone adjustment dials and focus in addition to several buttons.

The buttons include menu, power, and source and escape buttons in addition to the directional pad featuring the “OK” button at the centre. At the back, you will find VGA input, HDMI, AV, AUX, USB-In and 5v USB charging port. It also features a memory card reader.


  • Offers excellent sound
  • It has a long lifespan (50,000 hours)
  • It has an efficient cooling system
  • It provides quality content


  • It does not offer a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • The power cable is short


5. Projector APEMAN Mini Portable Video Projector

Even though the Projector APEMAN Mini Portable Video Projector has a small size, it features a sturdy build, decent battery life in addition to many other useful features.

Currently, it is also the most budget-friendly projector in the market. It can display images and videos at 854 by 480 resolutions. Its contrast ratio stands at 1000:1, which means that you will get good colours.

Nevertheless, the projector has a 50 lumens brightness that is far below the average of mini projectors. It will not be bright in ambient or full-light settings.

The aspect ratio stands at 16:9 and you can, therefore, use it to play the recent blockbuster without having to letterbox.

Its throw ratio stands at 1.19:1 and it is therefore short allowing the user to enjoy media on their 60-inch screen. It works in the range of 30 and 100 inches.

It has a feature that you will rarely find on other projectors – the two speakers. They are 1-watt speakers, which sound full and clean – they will definitely fill your room.

On the side, you will find the volume, power and focus controls. Every connection port is at the rear side of the projector. It will fit in your bag or pocket when traveling.


  • It comes with a tripod
  • Features two very loud 1-watt speakers
  • It is a less expensive option


  • Does not come with a microSD slot
  • Does not offer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Does not provide keystone adjustment


6. Apeman Projector Mini Portable Video DLP Pocket Projector

To set up the Apeman Projector, you just need the basic understanding of connecting HDMI cable to a device. If you want to stream from your MacBook, that might mean purchasing a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter.

You should, therefore, be aware that you would need some more purchases to start watching your favourite TV shows and movies from the comfort of your home.

The manufacturer supplies the projector with a very short HDMI cable but you might need to purchase a longer one after discovering that your setup requires a long distance between the device and projector.

After identifying the ideal positioning of this projector, you will have to position it straight on at a large wall. The small form factor, included mini-tripod and impressive sound are some of the reasons you might need to purchase it.

On the downside, the battery lasts for two hours and it can be hard to watch movies without plugging it in. The glossy surface might smudge easily.


  • It is easier to focus
  • It provides solid sound quality
  • The projector consumes a little space
  • The manufacturer supplies it along with a mini tripod


  • The setup will need some tech knowledge
  • The battery only lasts for 2.5 hours
  • The glossy surface smudges easily


7. Cinemood Portable Movie Theater

The Cinemood Portable Movie theatre is classified somewhere between a tool and a toy. However, the manufacturer tilts it heavily towards the toy side and includes many kid-friendly features.

It is clear on the pre-loaded entertainment for kids. However, you do not have to be a kid to start using the Cinemood Portable Movie Theatre.

You can connect it to various streaming services and watch virtually anything you would want. From Netflix to YouTube, it is rare to see a device that is oriented towards kids packed with powerful technology.

On the right face, you will see the Micro USB port that allows you to stream content through USB. Near the port, you will find its main power button, which is intuitively labelledwith a lightning bolt.

Among the things you will want to consider is the button that requires the user to press it halfway down to form the point of contact.

Do not nudge it during the operation or press it accidentally while picking it up. The product has a compact design.


  • It is easier to use
  • The design is kid-friendly
  • Comes with 16GB internal storage
  • It comes loaded with 120 hours of entertainment


  • The 35-lumen bulb will need darker conditions to operate


How to Choose a Mini Video Projector?

The mini video projectors entered the market recently and therefore most people do not know much about them, apart from their tiny pocket-friendly sizes.

With a mini projector, you can project your presentations, electronic documents, videos and photos on various surfaces.

That alone makes them a perfect choice for business travellers in need of better ways of giving presentations on go. The manufacturers offer them as stand-alone projectors or as integrated into tablet computers and cell phones.

They are available in many sizes, different performance qualities and many other specs. Here are some other things to consider before you purchase a mini video projector.


Most mini projectors are the size of your mobile phone device. That alone makes them ultra-portable.

Because manufacturers are adding more capabilities, the weight and size of the projectors might increase. To avoid a cumbersome model, you will have to consider both the size and weight.


If your goal is to present pictures along with sound, the market offers many options. Most mini projectors support audio by allowing you to plug in a speaker or two.

Some of the available mini projectors come with inbuilt mini speakers that make them more portable. However, the size of speakers will sacrifice the battery life, size and performance.


Most mini projectors are silent. However, if you do not want to support a large lumen output with a fan, you will have to consider the noise.

That way, you will avoid the humming noise associated with some projectors. Pay closer attention to the noise specs during your purchase.

Brightness, light source and contrast ratio

Mot mini projectors use LEDs, known to provide longer lamp-life in addition to using minimal battery life. However, laser projectors make clearer and sharper images that will stay in focus regardless of where you stand from your projection surface.

On the downside, laser projectors do not provide sharp images because the brightness ranges between 10 and 15 lumens. A brighter image is easier to see. A camera with higher lumens allows you to project very large images and retain their quality.

The contrast ratio determines the quality of an image. The contrast ratio of mini projectors is 1000:1. There are some offering higher contrast ratios such as those offering a ratio of 5000:1.


Mini projectors come in various resolutions but mostly fall in the range of 640 by 480 and 800 by 600.

The lower-resolution projectors in the market today offer a resolution of 480 by 320 while those in the higher resolution side provide 848 by 480 resolutions. Optoma’s PK301 provides 854 by 480.


The throw distance of a projector refers to the distance between the image on a screen and the projector.

Some projectors offer longer throws (particularly those installed on ceilings in bigger rooms), but some will offer short throws (around 3-8 feet) or ultra-short throws (0-4 feet). Consider the setup of your room to know the type of throw you need before the purchase.


If you are looking for a mini projector, then you need something that you can carry in your bag to take to a party or class. Even though all mini projectors are portable, picos will fit perfectly in your hand.

Battery life

Apart from the brightness and resolution, the battery life is among the most important specs you look for when buying a mini projector.

Some pico projectors like the AAXA P2 come with a standardised 30-minute battery life that might leave standing in the dark hall figuring out what to do next.

If you are not ready to invest in extra batteries or power cables, you should go for projectors with longer battery life – 1-2 hours battery life might be all you need.


Most mini projectors are supplied with over 1 GB of data storage. For multiple or large presentations, check out for the projectors with larger storage such 4GB. If you need more storage, go for projector featuring an SD card slot so that you can upgrade the memory easily.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled projectors are excellent presentation tools for any business owner.

They allow you to browse the internet and transfer more files from your smartphone or computer. However, they are larger than most other mini projectors in the market.


To get a projector that will work perfectly for you, you will have to consider your tastes and requirements. The market offers many mini projectors and therefore, you will get something that is portable and one that can provide quality images at a long distance.

However, the above list of mini projectors and the buying guide will help you buy the best mini projector in the market today.

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