Best Retro Office Chairs

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Updated on: April 24, 2020

Many people invest in cozy couches for their houses, yet they forget the one important place they spend most of their time.

Having the right office chair will not only prevent you from back-related health issues but also maximize your productivity and efficiency.

There are many office chairs available in the market, with modern technology and style to match everyone’s needs. However, for people whose sense of fashion is vintage, they may find it hard to get the 19th-century office seats that still function well.

Retro office chairs are classic and stylish. They blend the vintage fashion with modernity to create stylish and elegant office chairs. Below are some of the best retro office chairs you should consider:

1. OVIOS Ergonomic Retro Office Chair

Ovios Modern Adjustable Chair is among the best Retro office chairs. It blends a sense of modern-day fashion and vintage aesthetics to make your workspace look classy and polished.

The Avios Modern Adjustable Chair is made of high quality, soft and smooth dark brown suede fabric. Suede is easy to clean; it does not fade, allowing enough air permeability.

It is also water-resistant and does not get the annoying greasy feeling, which ensures your office is clean with fresh air all day.

To increase comfort while working, Ovios Modern Adjustable Chair has an extra padded deep seat that is larger and has thicker cushion compared to other modern chairs.

It also has an Ergonomic lumbar cradling that provides support for your back and ensures you do not get back pains even after a long day of sitting. Its height is adjustable from 45.67 to 45.62 inches and has a tilt mechanism that allows the user to tilt the seat at an angle and lock it.

Ovios Modern Adjustable Chair allows you to slide from one task to another while seated without any difficulties. Its casters are durable and flexible, ensuring a reliable wheel function, smooth roll, and 360-degree mobility.

The caster wheels are hooded, and the chair’s frame is made of stainless steel to ensure no marks or scratches are left on your hardwood or carpet. Its frame is also strong to hold your weight all day all week for years.

Ovios Ergonomic Modern Chair is suitable for home workspaces, offices, reception areas or dorm rooms. It is simply designed yet classy, easy to assemble, and can fit in small workspaces.


2. Boss Office Products Wingback Traditional Chair

The Boss Office Products never disappoints when it comes to having your office, conference room, home office space, or study room looking classy and stylish.

Their seat, Wingback Traditional chair, adds a sense of style and impeccable design to any work or study area. The seat is available in burgundy or black color.

It has a traditional button stuffed styling that portrays elegance, attractive hand-applied nail brass and sophisticated mahogany wood finish on all wood components.

The Wingback Traditional Chair has a pneumatic lift that is conveniently located to allow you to adjust the height of your seat easily to accommodate different table heights.

It also has an adjustable tilt control and upright position lock that ensures you remain upright, comfortable, and in good posture while working. For great stability, the Wingback Traditional Chair has a large wood base that features mahogany finish.

This ensures the seat distributes your weight evenly over a broad surface to maintain stability and guarantee smoother ease in movement.

Boss Office Products Wingback Traditional Chair has a weight limit of 250 pounds and a width of 30 inches, depth of 32 inches and adjustable height of between 41 and 44 inches. It comes with an installation manual that helps you to assemble it easily.


3. Hillsdale Furniture Nassau Retro Chair

Old school meets modernity in the Hillsdale Furniture, Nassau Chair. This Nassau Caster Chair is beautifully designed with a wood frame that features a rich oak finish that is accentuated with dark leather and stylish dark nail heads.

It adds a sense of vintage fashion and is a perfect addition to your office spaces or game tables.

Hillsdale Furniture’s Nassau Chair is adjustable to accommodate your height, or office or game table height, to ensure your comfort and increase functionality.

It also has sturdy casters and 360 degrees swivel to allow you a smoother and ease of movement while working or gaming. The castles are well designed for smooth-rolling on all types of floors without leaving any marks or scratches.

Nassau Chair accommodates up to a weight of 39 pounds. It has an adjustable height of 37.5 to 40.5 inches, a width of 25.75 inches, and a depth of 27 inches.

It comes with an installation manual that helps you to quickly assemble your new gaming or office chair. With your family and friends, gather around your table in these nostalgic chairs for some good old fashion fun.


4. Warrington Caster Vintage Chair

The Warrington Caster Game Chair is also another stylish office or game chair from Hillsdale Furniture. The Warrington Chair is upholstered in brown leather and finished in a rich cherry.

Leather brings a sense of class and elegance in any space, and it is no different with this beautifully designed chair. It is ideal for offices, home workplaces, gaming tables, and study rooms.

The Warrington Caster Chair has an adjustable height and can tilt to enhance the user’s comfort while working or gaming. It also has a wide wooden base that distributes the weight evenly, making it more stable and easy to move.

It has castle wheels that roll easily on the floor to allow you to shift from one task to another without any difficulty. Its seat is comfortable, with a cushion approximately 3 inches thick. The cushion is firm to ensure you are stable but not too firm to cause discomfort after long hours of sitting.

The weight capacity for the Warrington Caster Chair is 44 pounds. It has measurement dimensions of 25.5 inches’ length, 26 inches’ width and adjustable height of between 18.75 and 22.75 inches. Get this chair for your office or game table to add a sense of style, class and beauty.


5. Signature Design by Ashley Hamlyn Retro Office Chair

With a rich traditional style imparted with a modern, simplistic yet elegant style, the Ashley Hamlyn Home Office Chair is a great addition for enhancing beauty in your home office.

This traditional office desk chair is upholstered with faux leather and features a warm brown wood finish. It also has a slightly curved silhouette that is manufactured from wood and man-made wood. This creates grand traditional style furniture for your home office.

The Ashley Hamlyn’s Office Desk chair is designed with adjustable height mechanisms. It can tilt and allows a 360-degrees swivel. This enhances comfort and ease of movement while working.

It also has convenient metal and plastic casters that roll on the floor easily without causing any damages on your carpet or hardwood floor.

The Ashley Hamlyn’s Office Desk Chair is perfect for mid-sized office, study, or home workplaces spaces. It measures a width of 27 inches, by the depth of 27 inches, by a height of 38 inches, which is adjustable between 18 inches and 21 inches.

The chair comes with an easy to follow manual with instructions and hardware to help you assemble the chair.


6. Office Star Deluxe Wood Bankers Desk Chair

The Office Star Deluxe Wood Bankers Desk Chair gets to your house in perfect shape after buying it, to offer you elegant style and contemporary functionalities.

Although it is designed with a touch of modernity, it also gives you the nostalgic feeling of the 19th century. This chair is strong and durable; it is made of a metal base concealed with a stunning finish and vinyl padded seat.

The Office Star Deluxe Wood Bankers Desk Chair is fitted with modern-day adjustable features. The height of the seat is adjusted using a pressurized seat height modification technology, and fastening tilt control with custom-made tensions allows you to enjoy working at your desk comfortably.

It also has 360-degree spin and nylon casters that allow you to multitask conveniently. The durable nylon made casters permit for smooth rolling, which allows you to slide from one space to another. The base and the casters are finished with heavy-duty double-whee casters that protect your carpet from damage.

The chair is available in different color options, espresso black, fruitwood black, and fruitwood brown, to suit your style and taste. It also has three different options, padded with arms, with arms only and armless, which gives you a variety of options to pick from to meet your needs.

The Office Star Deluxe Wood Bankers Desk Chair is strong. It can support different weights and will withstand the test of time.

It is ideal for mid-sized spaces as well with measurements of 23*25*35.8 inches. Get this beautiful desk chair for your home office to get the classic 19th-century style adorned with modernity.


7. Flash Furniture Bomber Brown Classic Executive Office Chair

Bomber Brown Classic Office Chair is a product by Flash Furniture. It is elegantly designed with a traditional look that blends easily with modern technology to offer you a comfortable and full functionality office chair.

The chair is made with rustic brown suede material, the back is beautifully tufted with buttons, and the base is made of metal capped with mahogany.

The retro-style fashion is not only brought into light by the rustic suede fabric, but also by the chair’s arms that are decorated in an archetypal brass nail trimming.

Bomber Brown Classic Chair is designed with an ergonomically back that will keep you healthy with no back pains while working.

To also increase comfort, it has a pneumatic adjustment lever that allows you to adjust seat height, has a tilt lock and tilt adjustable tension, and can rotate 360-degrees. Its seat has medium-density thick padding to offer you coziness throughout the day as you work.

The Bomber Brown Classic Chair is strong. It can carry up to a maximum weight of 250 pounds. It is available in different colors to give a variety of options to pick from. Get this retro office chair to make your office space look elegant and fashionable.


How to Choose a Good Office Chair?

Did you know that a large portion of one’s life is spent in an office chair? An average office-bound person spends up to 40 hours per week seated in an office. Therefore, getting a comfortable office chair is paramount for everyone.

A good office chair increases productivity and makes the most of the person sitting in it. To help you choose a good office chair, consider the following factors below;


Almost all chairs come with height adjustability. However, a good office chair has more adjustable features such as lumbar support, arm width and height, seat and back angle, tension control, and seat back width and height.

Most of these supports are controlled with a dial, while others are controlled with a handheld bulb.

Material and seat padding

A material that allows your body to breathe, especially after extended hours of sitting, is ideal for a good office chair. The padding should also be comfortable, not too soft nor too hard.

A soft cushion will not offer the required support, while a hard cushion will be painful after some hours of sitting.

Swivel base and casters

The ability to move around in your office chair is key. A good office chair should swivel easily. It should casters that roll smoothly on the floor.

This will help to reach different parts of the desk without standing or straining your arms. Remember to pick casters that are designed for your floor type.


A comfortable office chair will enhance your productivity and ensure you remain healthy, with no back pains, neck, and arm strains, even as you sit all day in your office.

While buying an office chair, remember to choose one that will accommodate your needs such as floor type, height, and weight.

For vintage style lovers, there are plenty of retro office chairs to ensure you work in an environment that you love.

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