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Updated on: December 1, 2020

When people are thinking of gaming hardware gear for the computer, they usually instantly think of graphics cards, processors, motherboards, coolers, keyboards and gaming mice.

However, rarely do they ever think about mousepads as an essential gaming accessory. In fact, a quality mousepad is one of the most important aspects of a solid gaming configuration for computers.

Investing and spending much money is necessary when you are building an awesome gaming computer. However, it is also paramount to pay a little bit extra on a high-quality mousepad.

The mousepads that we will be reviewing and showcasing are not only necessary in order to provide a smooth, comfortable and streamlined surface for your mouse, but also provide long-lasting quality that won’t wear down and get very dirty in a short period of time.

Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads for Gamers

All of the mousepads that we will be talking about in this article have been tested for quality and longevity, and they all provide some imperative features that we will be focusing on.

We have looked at mousepad models from the largest companies such as Razer, SteelSeries, and Logitech as well as some mousepad models from smaller, more unknown companies.


– Razer Firefly Chroma

The Razer Firefly Chroma is a gaming mousepad with a hard surface as well as custom lighting options.

High amounts of speed and mouse accuracy are provided by the micro-textured hard surface that has been textured and developed specifically for competitive gamers.

You can expect to have the highest precision possible from the surface that allows for every single slight mouse movement to be entirely transitioned into cursor or crosshair movement.

This mousepad is built to enable gaming mice to detect even the most minor changes which can prove to be crucial in high action-packed video games and first-person shooters.

Being tested by professional gamers, the Razer Firefly Chroma ensures that the users will have complete control and perfect stability no matter which gaming mouse they use or whatever mouse sensitivity settings are being used.

The customization and personalization features that this mousepad offers are quite unique.

You can choose from 16.8 million different colors in order to modify the look of your gaming mousepad just the way you want it. There are also a high number of different cool customizable lighting effects that you can apply to the mousepad.

You can indeed implement a visually impressive display of colors and effects by taking advantage of the left, right and bottom lighting areas.


– Logitech G440

Logitech G440 is a high-quality gaming mousepad with a hard surface and the design that is ideal for gaming with very high DPI sensitivity settings. Action-packed and high-speed gaming requires immaculate control and perfect stability.

This mousepad allows that with the hard surface that improves control and stability as well as the low surface friction that is paramount when it comes to gaming with high DPI sensitivity settings.

The precision and the consistency of your aiming and clicking can be significantly improved by the high, consistent texture of the mousepad surface. This significantly increases the performance of your tracking.

The performance of this particular mousepad has been maximized by the Logitech G sensors and extensive lab testing.

The base of the Logitech G440 gaming mousepad is made out of hard rubber that ensures stability and rigidness. The rubber base is also vital when it comes to high-speed intensive gaming action by keeping the mousepad firmly in place.

The long-lasting multilayer construction is built on the strong polymer core as well as a hard surface for tracking. You can feel confident that your Logitech G440 will be able to last for a very long time.


– Belkin WaveRest

The Belkin WaveRest Black is a black gaming mousepad made with a gel surface. It provides a very smooth and reliable surface for mouse movement tracking.

The ergonomic pad is specifically created to support your wrist and your hand comfortably when you’re gaming or surfing on the Internet for long periods of time.

The unique and patented GelFlex tremendous zone is a single feature of this particular gaming mousepad, and it has been built to conform to your handgrip and helps with stress reducing in your wrists that can happen with repetitive motions.

The gel cushions that perfectly fit the curves of your hands provide maximum support as well as permit natural hand movements.

The design of the Belkin WaveRest gaming mousepad is very lightweight but also very durable and is guaranteed to maintain top shape even after many years of use. Inside the gel support pad, there is foam which additionally increases the comfort and the stability of this particular gaming mousepad.

One disadvantage to this particular gaming mousepad is that its dimensions are not very large. Usually, professional gamers desire a gigantic mousepad which can support keyboards as well as low sensitivity settings on gaming mice.


– SteelSeries 4HD

The SteelSeries 4HD is a black gaming mousepad that has been specially engineered for the needs of professional gamers. The surface of this mousepad is composed of hard plastic which ensures reliable and consistent accuracy, tracking precision as well as overall stability.

The tracking capabilities of this gaming mousepad’s surface are truly sophisticated. The surface of the SteelSeries 4HD consists of tens of thousands microscopic light-reflecting points which are finally textured and significantly improve the tracking accuracies of the high-end gaming mice.

This means that with the help of this particular mousepad, you will be able to perform extremely precise mouse operations and clicks even with the slightest of movements.

The size of this gaming mousepad is standard, and the back-side surface is also rubberized. Weighing only 3.5 ounces, the SteelSeries 4HD gaming mousepad is very lightweight.

The size of the mousepad is standard and regular, which is sure to suit the needs of most gamers but will not prove to be enough for those gamers that need really big mousepads.


– Jeecoo Extended

The Jeecoo Extended is an extra-large gaming mouse and keyboard pad with a rubber base mouse mat and stitched edges. Running out of space will never be an issue for you again, due to the impressive 36x12x0.12 inches dimensions of this gaming mousepad.

This makes it an ideal choice for gamers that primarily play and compete in first person shooter games like Counter Strike or Overwatch.

The surface of this specific mousepad is weaved out of textile which provides superior control through pixel-precise mouse targeting as well as a minimum amount of friction.

Not only does this mousepad guarantee high precision, but it is also highly optimized and compatible with all different kinds and models of optical and laser gaming mice.

The Jeecoo Extended gaming mousepad is very durable and has a long-lasting life. The high durability of this mousepad is guaranteed by the stitched edges on the sides surrounding the mousepad which protect the mousepad from stuff like surface peeling.

High stability and reliability in the intense, action-packed gaming moments are guaranteed by the zero slip anti-skid base of the gaming mousepad that is made out of hard rubber. This rubber base is also washable and very easy to clean; you can even throw it in the washing machine.

This particular gaming mousepad is not only designed for gaming mice, but also for keyboards as well. Putting your precious keyboard on a mousepad is important for several reasons.

This action provides a very flat and very stable surface area for your keyboard. It also stops unwanted movements from the keyboard, and it looks absolutely great.


– Glorious Gaming Mat / Pad

The Glorious large sized black mousepad is a great mousepad option that lets you have a lot of movement space for your keyboard and your gaming mouse.

Although this particular gaming pad has been developed and designed with the help of professional gamers, it is just as usable as an office mousepad as it is usable as a gaming mousepad.

The dimensions of this gaming mousepad are 13x11x0.08 inches, and it has a thickness of only 2 millimeters. Maximum speed and perfect control are achievable with the low friction and smooth surface of this gaming mousepad.

For additional excellent scrutiny, the Glorious gaming mousepad introduces a unique rubber base designed to minimize slips.

The surface of the gaming mousepad is made out of high quality cloth. This particular gaming mousepad is also fully optimized for use with all kinds of different mouse sensors and different mouse sensitivity settings.

The fabric material of this gaming mousepad is fully washable and can be even cleaned in the machine.

Additional advantages of the Glorious gaming mousepad are the stitched edges that are designed to adequately prevent fraying as well as surface peeling.

The bottom of this gaming mousepad is made out of thick rubber which prevents it from moving unnecessarily while you use it.


– Corsair Gaming MM300

The Corsair Gaming MM300 is an extended cloth gaming mousepad. The key features of this particular gaming mousepad product are the high-end humans, the pro-grade cloth material in the optimization with the highest DPI gaming mice available on the market.

There are reinforced stitched edges on the sides of the gaming mousepad which serve to guard and prevent surface peeling and fraying.

The best possible in-game accuracy and maximum precision tracking that result in superior control and comfort are made possible with the highly-optimized textile weaved surface design of this particular gaming mousepad.

The MM300 gaming mousepad is available for purchase in various different sizes, starting from small sizes to medium, large and the extended size of the mousepad.

This makes this particular product very flexible and able to fit any gamer’s needs. This gaming mousepad is also fully optimized for use with either laser or optical gaming mice.

There is also a hard rubber base on the bottom of the mousepad with an antiskid feature which helps it stay securely in place even in moments of intense gaming.


– Redragon P001 ARCHELON

The Redragon P001 ARCHELON is a large-size gaming mousepad with the dimensions of13x10.24×0.2 inches. The Redragon gaming mousepads pride themselves in being created and developed by gamers and for gamers.

All of the components and features of this particular gaming mousepad are of very high quality and guarantee very accurate precision as well as top-quality performance.

This gaming mousepad has a thickness of only 5 millimeters and a hard surface on the top, complemented by the soft surface on the bottom is designed to provide high flexibility as well as anti-curling protection.

The top face of the gaming mousepad is finished off with a high-quality silk processed cloth that makes your gaming mice smoothly, optimally and comfortably glide across the surface.

Several thousands of microscopic points that reflect light are there to provide the highest possible accuracy in tracking. The high-quality and high-density material with which this gaming mousepad is built is also waterproof and is very easy to clean up.

Additional flexibility and adaptation to various different desktop surfaces are allowed by the naturally processed rubber component of the bottom surface of this gaming mousepad.

The rubber base not only improves stability but also guarantees a very firm and steady grip on your hand even in prolonged sessions of hardcore gaming.

The edges of this gaming mousepad are truly unique and beautiful. However, there are not designed to only improve the aesthetics of the product, but they also prevent damage and deterioration of the gaming mousepad because of the reinforced dense stitching process.


– Innovera Mousepad

Innovera is a gray colored gaming mousepad with an additional gel wrist pad. The gel filling has a very comfortable feel, and it helps keep the wrists in a very natural and comfortable position.

Prolonged hours and sessions of intense gaming can result in wrist injuries as well as several syndromes in pain that can be the result of prolonged hours of gaming.

Additionally, the smooth fabric of this gaming mousepad further reduces wrist irritation. The gel pad teamed up with the soft structure guarantee full ergonomic comfort for your hands and wrists keeping them in a very natural and comfortable position.

Unfortunately, this particular gaming mousepad model is only available in small and medium dimensions. Gamers that seek enormous gaming mousepads may be forced to look at other options.


– Perixx DX-1000XL

The Perixx DX-1000XL black gaming mousepad has a very impressive extra-large size. The dimensions of this amazing gaming mousepads are 400x320x3 millimeters.

This particular gaming mousepad is fully compatible not only with gaming but also with office and other professional work.

Due to the flexibility of the features and extensive support, the DX-1000 series of the Perixx mousepads are truly all-purpose that can fit the needs of any computer environment.

This great gaming mousepad has been specially engineered and developed to meet all of the demands of the world’s top professional gamers.

The Perixx DX-1000XL gaming mousepad is the perfect combination of full-scale speed and full responsiveness of mats and the unmatched comfort that is provided by the uncoated soft pads.

One of the most unique features of this particular gaming mousepad is the woven fiber technology used in the material of the mousepad.

The Perixx DX-1000XL gaming mousepad can be used with all kinds of different gaming mouse sensitivity settings as well as all sorts of different gaming play styles. Extending your durability and longevity is guaranteed by the unique anti-fraying stitched frame of the gaming mousepad.


What to Look out for When Choosing a Gaming Mouse Pad?

Although most modern gaming mice are equipped with a powerful feature called surface calibration which reduces the importance of a high-quality mousepad, you will still probably need one in order to complete your computer gaming configuration.

These gaming mice with the surface calibration feature have the ability to automatically detect the surface that they are being used on and they can adjust accordingly. However, there are still a large number of key features and aspects that can make a high-quality mousepad very useful for any gamer.

Some of these notable features include the size of the mousepad, the material with which the mousepad is built and also the thickness of it. The size of a mousepad is of particular importance if you take into account the gaming desk space that you are working with and also the sensitivity and the DPI of your gaming mouse.

Mousepads come in various sizes from small, medium, large as well as XXL. Most professional gamers prefer the XXL mousepad size because they usually play on low sensitivity and because a larger mousepad can offer higher control and the ability to rest your keyboard directly on top of the mousepad.

Please note that mousepads themselves do not necessarily decrease the tiredness of the hand, fingers, and wrists, so in case you are suffering from fatigue when it comes to using a gaming mouse, you should instead look at buying a wrist rest. Although, it is possible that mousepads with high thickness can provide a more comfortable gaming experience.

No setup or additional software is required in order to set up a mousepad. For testing purposes, which is the performance of a mousepad in various different games from various different niches, we have played first-person shooters, massively multiplayer online games as well as real-time strategies in order to discover the best gaming mousepads for you.


I think by now you should be aware of the importance of choosing a high-quality gaming mousepad to finish off your impressive gaming specifications and collections.

A good gaming mousepad can really help you get the maximum possible performance out of your precious gaming mouse.

Whichever gaming mousepad you end up buying and using, if you choose one of the options from this list, we guarantee you that you will not be making a mistake.

We have gone through and reviewed many different gaming mousepads with various different dimensions, features, and advantages.

We guarantee that in this article there will be a gaming mouse listed that perfectly fits whatever your needs are.

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