Best Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads

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Updated on: December 1, 2020

Your gaming laptop is precious. You have probably put a lot of money and effort into building a great gaming laptop rig and you would like it to persevere and last for as long as it’s possible.

That is why it is of the utmost importance to be very careful and wise on how you use your gaming laptop and what precautions you take in order to get the most out of it both in performance and in longevity.

In order to conserve space and make laptops as small as possible, the hardware components of any laptop are usually squished together. So, often times, while using the laptop for a prolonged period of time or when playing video games or rendering video, your laptop will be prone to overheating.

Your laptop can get overheated in a matter of minutes and that can cause permanent damage to your hardware components, resulting in decreased performance and sometimes full breakdown.

Laptop gamers are definitely the most prone to having major problems with laptop overheating. This problem can be very easily solved with the help of a laptop cooling pad. These cooling pads increase the airflow significantly towards the most important hardware components of your gaming laptop.

The cooling pads are equipped with big and powerful fans that can push out a strong and consistent amount of cool air to your gaming laptop.

Cooling PadLaptop SizeProduct Price
1. TeckNet12-17 inches
2. Thermaltake Massive23 LX10-17 inches
3. Zalman NC3500
12-17 inches
4. TopMate12-15 inches
5. Tree New Bee15-17 inches
6. Kootek12-17 inches
7. Pwr+17 inches
8. Airfox NP-C1011-15 inches
9. AUKEY15-17 inches

Now, let’s look at some of the most important things that you need to carefully take into account when you are choosing which gaming laptop cooling pad to buy for your needs.


1. TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad

The TeckNet N9 laptop cooling pad is a very powerful model that is able to provide an impressive amount of air circulation of up to 42 cubic feet per minute.

This particular model also comes with several fan speed options and adjustments as well as a fully metal mesh surface. This powerful cooling pad guarantees that your gaming laptop or notebook will not overheat and remain cool even in very long and intensive video gaming sessions.

This great cooling pad is powered by two very big dual 130 millimeter fans that are powered through a USB port. Using this cooling pad is very easy, simple and straightforward and it doesn’t need to be connected to the main power outlet.

An important feature that this particular gaming laptop provides is a functional pass through USB power connector which ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice a USB port from your laptop.

This great gaming laptop cooling pad has been designed in a very comfortable and ergonomic way and it also works very quietly without disrupting your work is your gaming with unnecessary loud noise.

You are able to easily and comfortably lift or adjust your laptop and the cooling pad perfectly to your needs by using one of the 5 different built-in adjustable settings for height. This allows you to have the best possible viewing and working angles that you need from your laptop in any position or surface imaginable.

There are also several adjustments and options that you can use in order to automatically or manually change and personalize the fan speed of the gaming laptop cooling pad.

There is also an LCD display which informs you of the current fan speed of the gaming laptop cooling pad as well as the temperature of your laptop. You can base your adjustments on the fan speed by assessing the amount of heat that your gaming laptop hardware components currently have.

The TeckNet gaming laptop cooling pad is a very versatile product that has full compatibility and support for all kinds of different laptops, MacBooks, netbooks and other devices. It has full support for all kinds of different laptop sizes whether they are small or very large.

You can also use it on product devices from the most popular product manufacturers like Apple, HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo and many more.


2. Thermaltake Massive23 LX Laptop Cooling Pad

Thermaltake Massive23 LX is a huge gaming laptop cooling pad with a very large and impressive LED fan. This impressive product is able to quite effectively and easily remove heat from your gaming laptop or notebook.

The main component of the Thermaltake Massive23 LX gaming laptop cooling pad is the huge 230-millimeter fan that is both very powerful and very quiet in its work.

There is a switch on this gaming laptop cooling pad that allows you to easily and quickly turned the fan on and off. There is also a massive blue LED light that can also be turned on or off with the switch.

And while this particular gaming laptop cooling pad is able to output some impressive cooling with its huge fan, it drains minimal amounts of power from your laptop or notebook allowing you to work effortlessly and worry free for long periods of time.

The small noise output of this gaming laptop cooling pad is quite impressive and almost unnoticeable. You will never be distracted by fan noise while you are working or gaming on your laptop or device.

It is also a very portable cooling pad despite its size by having specially designed handles built into the cooler that make it very easy to carry around wherever you are.

The special hidden storage area within the cooling pad itself is very neat and handy because it allows you to store some of your USB cables until you need to use them.

The Thermaltake Massive23 LX gaming laptop cooling pad is also very versatile and flexible. It supports and has full compatibility with almost all laptops and notebooks from all different sizes.

The well-designed stability of this great gaming laptop cooling pad ensures that the cooling pad as well as your gaming laptop will never wobble around even when you’re handling the laptop on your own body.

This particular gaming laptop cooling pad is also very well priced considering all the great specifications and features that it provides.


3. Zalman NC3500 Laptop Cooling Pad

The next gaming laptop cooling pad that we decided to showcase to you comes from the manufacturer Zalman and is the NC3500 model of their gaming laptop cooling pad series.

It has a very sleek and comfortable ergonomic design with beautiful lines and curves, but also an effective design that maximizes the precision of air circulation towards the most important hardware components of your laptop.

This great gaming laptop cooling pad consists of multiple metal fans that guarantee you that your laptop will stay cold as ice even with prolonged usage.

It has very good cold retention and many different fan speed adjustments that you can use in order to find the right options for your needs. The fans being made of metal make this gaming laptop cooling pad very sturdy, durable and easy to clean as well.

When it comes to great and efficient design, the Zalman NC3500 gaming laptop cooling pad is one of the best available on the market. Not only is the cooling pad very sturdy and compact, it also looks beautiful and sleek.

This great gaming laptop cooling pad will never scoot and slide around when you’re trying to balance it with your laptop and will never slide off the surface on which you’re using it.

Even while working on the maximum settings and power, this great gaming laptop cooling pad will always remain almost completely silent, allowing you to fully concentrate on your work or gaming without any annoying audio distractions.

It also comes with several different USB ports that you can use on many different devices if you so desire. There is also a special compartment built in that allows you to store these USB cables until you need them.


4. TopMate Gaming Laptop Cooler

The TopMate gaming laptop cooling pad is quite a unique model, featuring 5 fans with blue LED lighting, 4 fans on each corner of the cooling pad as well as a strategically placed large fan in the middle.

This positioning allows this particular cooling pad to provide maximum possible cooling and airflow towards the most important and crucial hardware components of your laptop.

This great gaming laptop cooling pad has a very comfortable and ergonomic design that is unique when compared to other cooling pads available on the market.

It has a strategically placed hinged flap that can be used and flipped up in order to protect your laptop from sliding away from the cooling pad thus increasing stability and security.

There also are five different angle adjustments for tilting as well as a flat option so you can position and angle your laptop to your exact specific needs no matter in which position you are.

Additional useful features that the TopMate gaming laptop cooler provides for you are the button control panel as well as the display screen. The button control panel contains many different buttons that can be used to switch and change between various different cooling modes for the laptop cooler.

On the other hand, the display screen shows you many different useful information about your laptop, the status of the cooling pad as well as the temperature and heat of your laptop’s GPU and CPU.

In total, there are six different speed modes for this particular cooling pad that can be used based on the amount of cooling you need for your gaming laptop in different circumstances.

The several blue LED lights that are built in this gaming laptop cooling pad help illuminate your workspace and laptop during the night and they provide a very stylish and nice look.

Also, this gaming laptop cooling pad fully supports power supply through the use of dual USB’s, making it more energy efficient while also removes the need of a separate direct power supply.


5. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

The Tree New Bee TNB-K0025 cooling pad model is a powerful product that is able to not only help your gaming laptop stay cooled at all times but also helps reduce the amount of crashes that occur with laptops.

It’s powered by four large fans as well as two distinct anti-skid arms that help your laptop stay stable and safe. This gaming laptop cooling pad’s platform is fully made out of metal which further removes heat away from your laptop.

The design of this particular gaming laptop cooling pad is very aerodynamic and provides unique airflow towards your laptop that removes all heat that might reduce the performance of your device.

As well as providing cooling performance that is up to 20 percent more efficient than other cooling pads available on the market. The cooling pad is designed in the shape of a bee which gives this gaming laptop cooling pad a very stylish and unique look.

Not only is the design of this particular gaming laptop cooling pad aerodynamic and efficient, it is also very ergonomic and guarantees stability and comfort.

There are several typing and viewing angle adjustments that can be used according to your needs which will reduce the amount of back pain, neck strains and eye fatigue that often occurs when using laptops for a very prolonged time.

This makes the gaming laptop cooling pad an excellent option no matter whether you are using your gaming laptop at home or at work in the office.

The several different fan speed adjustments give you full control on how much airflow is being circulated towards your laptop. This gives you the freedom and control of having the best possible balance between cooling pad silence and cooling pad performance.

The blue LED lights that accompany the 4 fans make this gaming laptop cooling pad even more stylish and modern while also help illuminating your laptop and workspace in the dark.


6. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad

The manufacturing company Kootek comes with a great cooling pad model equipped with 5 fans that can satisfy the cooling needs of any laptop ranging from smaller 12 inch ones to the large 17 inch laptops.

Not only is this cooling pad very powerful when it comes to providing cold airflow toward your laptop’s main components, but also provides a very satisfying and comfortable working and gaming environment by being almost completely noise free as well as interference free.

The five fans located on this gaming laptop cooling pad have been specifically and strategically placed in order to provide the best and most efficient airflow towards your laptop.

But, you also have full control over the cooling pad by using the on and off switches to enable or disable individual fans. You could have one fan running, or all five at the same time. These switches can also be used to control and turn the LED lights on or off as well.

This great gaming laptop cooling pad has a very comfortable and ergonomic design in order to provide a very comfortable user experience.

One unique thing about this particular gaming laptop cooling pad is that it’s equipped with an adjustable mounted laptop stand with six different height settings that can be used to position the laptop and the viewing angle exactly how you want it to be.

This ensures that you will have the most comfortable angles possible no matter if you’re watching movies on your laptop, playing games for a long period of time or simply working.

Additional stability and comfort is added through the help of two stoppers at the bottom of the Kootek gaming laptop cooling pad that prevent your precious laptop from sliding or falling off the surface of the cooling pad.

There is also full dual USB compatibility with the USB hub that allows you to have several USB devices connected to your cooling pad.

The Kootek gaming laptop cooling pad also has full compatibility and support for all kinds of different laptops, devices and notebooks from a large array of different manufacturers like Apple, Dell, HP, Alienware, Lenovo, ASUS and more.


7. Pwr+ Laptop Cooling Stand Pad

The Pwr+ laptop cooling stand pad is a multi-purpose product that delivers great cooling and airflow to your gaming laptop as well as having many different useful purposes.

This product can be used on all kinds of different laptops and devices ranging from all kinds of different sizes, whether they are small 7 inch laptops, or large 17 inch laptops. It’s powered by two strong yet very quiet 140 millimeter fans that can be directly connected to your laptop through a USB cord.

This is a very ergonomic and flexible product, having nine different height position adjustments that can be used to position your laptop perfectly for your needs.

An additional unique feature that makes the Pwr+ gaming laptop cooling pad great is the raise and lock mechanism that is built in that allows you to have ample clearance and constant air flow from the cooling stand to your laptop or device.

Although this is primarily a cooling pad for laptops, this great and flexible product can also be used as a book tray, tablet holder, breakfast tray or a keyboard lift.

It can also prove to be useful and functional as a foldable laptop desk, laptop holder, notebook stand and many more different uses. The manufacturer even guarantees quality and satisfaction by providing a 30-day money back guarantee on your purchase.

The design of this particular gaming laptop cooling pad allows it to efficiently cool your laptop and provide a steady air flow distribution in a very quiet and non-intrusive manner.

The Pwr+ laptop cooling pad also drains very little battery from your laptop, making it the perfect choice for long gaming sessions.

The different typing and viewing angles that are available with this gaming laptop cooling pad reduce stress and pain that occurs in your neck and shoulders as a result of long term laptop usage.


8. Airfox NP-C10 Laptop Cooler

The Airfox NP-C10 gaming laptop cooling pad model is an ultra slim and very portable product that can offer great cooling for any laptop between 11 and 15.6 inches in size.

Portability is the key aspect of this particular product, that’s why it has been designed to be just over an inch thick and just under 2 pounds in weight. This makes this model very easy to carry around with your laptop wherever you go.

The ergonomic and adjustable design of this great cooling pad allows you to have a very relaxed and pain-free experience on your gaming laptop even with very long working or gaming sessions.

With the changeable height settings of this cooling pad’s stand, you can have the recline you want without sacrificing a good viewing or typing angle.

A very stable, sturdy and wear-resistant surface is achieved through the help of a high quality multi directional metal mash. This further increases the stability and comfort when using this particular gaming laptop cooling pad.

The multi-port feature of the Airfox NP-C10 cooling pad allows you to connect up to four different devices.

The fans that this cooling pad model utilizes are only 14 centimeters long, but they are able to provide some very powerful airflow and cooling to your laptop while also being very quiet and non-disruptive.

The fans can achieve speeds of up to 1,400 revolutions per minute, making them one of the most powerful fans that a cooling pad uses from the ones that we tested out for you.  The LED blue light is used as an indicator for the various statuses of the cooling pad as well as providing you with illumination during night time.


9. AUKEY Laptop Cooling Pad

The final gaming laptop cooling pad model that we will be showcasing for you comes from the AUKEY company and it is a ultra-slim cooling pad that has full support and compatibility for all kinds of different laptops of different sizes.

This cooling pad model works perfectly with all products from manufacturers like HP, Dell, Apple, MacBook Pro, Lenovo, ASUS and more.

The platform surface of this particular gaming laptop cooling pad is very slim and lightweight, making this product very portable and able to be easily carried around alongside your laptop in case you need to travel around with your laptop.

Wherever you are, you can easily and quickly set up the cooling pad with your laptop by connecting a USB port to your laptop for power.

The AUKEY laptop cooling pad is powered by three external fans that efficiently and quietly cool down your laptop and provide important and constant air flow toward the main components of your laptop.

The blue LED backlighting provides a very stylish and modern look to your cooling pad while at the same time it can be used to provide illumination while you’re working or gaming on your laptop in the dark.


10. LESHP L112B Cooling Pad

The L112B model of the LESHP cooling pad manufacturer is a very portable and ultra-slim option for those that desire to keep their precious laptop as secure as possible wherever they go.

This product is powered by six 70 millimeter fans that are both efficient in cooling and very quiet in order not to be disruptive. This is one of the best options available on the market if you move and use your laptop outdoors a lot, whether you move it to your office or whether you travel or go camping with it.

This great and study gaming laptop cooling pad is quite unique in that it is made out of a total iron mesh that helps reduce heat around your main laptop components, it also helps reduce the wind resistance, speeds up the cooling flow and also improves the thermal performance.

The surface of this gaming laptop cooling pad as well as the fans are very easy to clean as well.

The ultra-slim design is not only helpful in the portability aspect of laptops, but also helps provide a more comfortable and ergonomic experience to its users.

There are a grand total of six different height level adjustments as well as anti-skid pads and tilt balancers that help keep your laptop stable and safe whenever and wherever you use it. It minimizes slipping and sliding of the laptop and helps users stay comfortable in whichever position or place they end up working or gaming on their laptop.

There is also an LCD display that shows you the temperature of your laptop’s GPU and CPU as well as displays the speed settings that are set for the cooling pad.

The LCD display interface is very easy to read and use. There is also dual USB support and compatibility, allowing you to connect up to two different devices to your LESHP gaming laptop cooling pad.


What to Look For in a Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad?

There are many different laptop cooling pad models from many different manufacturers and they all come in different sizes, shapes and forms as well as offer different number and range of features and performance specifications.

Different laptop cooling pads also tend to prioritize different aspects of the product, some may prioritize being as slim as possible, some offer streamlined and ergonomic design in order to make the product as portable as possible. While there are others that might prioritize versatility and adjustability in order to maximize comfort.

You will be able to find the perfect gaming laptop cooling pad for you no matter what your needs might be. The main hurdle is to properly and accurately identify what your exact needs are and how to choose a cooling pad model that fits those needs perfectly.

We will be looking at some of the most important aspects and features that a great cooling pad model should provide to you.

Performance is by far the most important aspect of any gaming laptop cooling pad because usually gaming laptops overheat the most and need high performance cooling pads in order to enable longer video gaming sessions.

The performance aspect of a gaming laptop cooling pad is usually measured in the output power of the cooling pad as well as the efficiency in cooling the laptop.

Different cooling pad models can offer varyingly different air circulation which is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute).

Usually, the CFM numbers vary between 30 and 70, but you should remember that more powerful cooling pads are usually much more expensive. So, try to balance the price and the power that a cooling pad provides.

Another important aspect that often gets overseen is the noise that a cooling pad outputs. Very loud cooling pads can be very annoying and distracting no matter whether you are playing video games or working with documents on your laptop. The cooling pads that we will be reviewing for you will all be quiet and output very little noise.

The design of the cooling pad will dictate how you would be able to use your laptop. A cooling pad with a very versatile design will allow you to use your laptop however you want in any possible angle or surface.

For all other cooling pads, you need to properly identify how you would use your laptop. If you use it on a desk, for example, you might want to look for a cooling pad with height adjustments and good viewing angles.

Extensive help documentations as well as a professional support team should always be a very important aspect on anything you buy online or retail.

And although most cooling pads come with long warranties and quality guarantees, it’s very important to know that there always will be a support team waiting to help you with whatever issue or problem you might have with your cooling pad.

Let’s look at some amazing cooling pads that we have tested and reviewed just for you.


You need to always keep in mind, that prolonged usages of your laptop without using a cooling pad not only can, but definitely will result in serious and irreversible damage to some components of your laptop.

Video gamers should particularly be careful about this since video games tend to overheat laptops the most out of any other application.

By going through all of the important aspects and features that you need to take most into account and be careful about, we hope that now you’d be able to successfully choose the right cooling pad for your laptop’s needs.

We also showcased several high-quality cooling pads that we tested and reviewed just for you. We guarantee you that if you end up buying one of these cooling pad models, you won’t be making a mistake.

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